promotion and marketing of music fine art fashion and social enterprise
A UK promotions and marketing company, specialising in music, fine art, fashion and social enterprise. We offer tailored solutions designed to get you noticed. We cover:
  • Online and Digital Media - social and viral
  • Press - national, regional papers, magazines and student
  • Radio - national, regional and college
  • TV - from video shows to entertainment news

Transgressive/ British Music Foundation (BMF)/ Bird/ Cargo Records/ Casablanca Sunshine/ Airbag Recordings/ Blow Up Records/ Jack To Phono Records/ Seriously Groovy/ Exercise1 Records/ 50minutes/ Amie Newsome-Stone/ Battle/ Big Boss Man/ Burningpilot/ Cherubs/ Dirty Little Faces/ econoline/ Eight Legs/ Emetrex/ Fierce Panda/ Jeremy Warmsley/ Jet Johnson/ Misty’s Big Adventure/ Neon Plastix/ Plans & Apologies/ Plastic Toys/ Ravens In Paris/ Rosie And The Goldbug/ Rotating Leslie/ Skyjelly/ Strike The Colours/ Take Aim Fire/ Terry Duffy/ The 99's/ The Banshee/ The Coral Sea/ The Perils/ The Retrosexuals/ The Roseville Band/ The Sea/ The Seal Cub Clubbing Club/ The She Creatures/ The Sonic Art/ The Woe Betides/ Tom Baker London/ Tom Milsom/ Turbowolf/ Twin Falls/ Twin Thousands/ Wake The Prsident


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